42. Festival Radovljica 2024


Saturday, 10 August 2024 at 20.00

Radovljica Manor


The festival opens with chamber music played at the court of Leopold William of Austria in seventeenth-century Brussels, as well as Italian sonatas published in Antwerp.

In 1647, Archduke Leopold Wilhelm was sent from Austria to Brussels to become the highest authority in the Low Countries. He was a great music lover, and insisted on bringing his own court ensemble Musica da Camera with him. This ensemble was mainly formed by Austrian, German and Italian musicians and had a big influence on the development of chamber music in the Low Countries. Flemish composers such as Nicolaes a Kempis and Philipp van Wichel wrote for typical Italian instrumentations, combining wind and string instruments in small-scale chamber music. They also started experimenting with new ways of musical expression. At the same time in Antwerp, large collections of music from Italian composers such as Dario Castello, Biago Marini, and Marco Uccellini were being printed.



Elise Dupont, Sakura Goto violins

Anne-Linde Visser bass violin, bass viol

Matthijs van der Moolen trombone

Emma Huijsser harp, recorder

Giulio Quirici theorbo


Website: https://www.castelloconsort.com/

Photo: Foppe Schut


43th Radovljica 2024 Festival