42. Festival Radovljica 2024


Wednesday, 21 August, and Thursday, 22 August 2024

Radovljica Manor


Lecturers: Katarina Šter, Metoda Kokole, Domen Marinčič, Iago Campello Álvarez, Tian Qin


The Institute of Musicology ZRC SAZU and the 42nd Festival Radovljica 2024 are organising a two-day international workshop intended to directly link musicological research of Slovenian musical heritage with the final product – artistic musical performance. The event will be introduced by theoretical and practical presentation of various types of early music sources and ways of transforming them to music editions for present-day performers. In the continuation the work will focus on two examples from the turn of the 17th century revolving around music heritage of the now Slovenian coastal town of Koper/Capodistria and originating from two different church traditions of the time: plainchant tradition and sacred music for voices and instruments composed or copied by Antonio Tarsia (1643–1722), a local musician at Koper Cathedral. The final part of the workshop will consist of an open discussion on how can early music heritage be disseminated to a larger target group within and beyond the existing niche audience and how to reach important stakeholders and involve with cultural tourism.


The event is open to musicians and other interested candidates. Application is compulsory. The official language of the workshop is English.


Additional information and application form:

https://zrc-sazu.si/sites/default/files/FSS Workshop_INFORMATION-1.pdf

https://zrc-sazu.si/sites/default/files/APPLICATION FORM.pdf


42. Festival Radovljica 2024